First- there IS a difference in the martial arts school you choose. Even within the different disciplines and forms of the many martial arts- some are better suited for you than others.  At Kingdom Warriors we believe there's something here that fits your needs!

Knowing what to do with children is often one of the hardest tasks God gives us to do. Kingdom Warriors believes that Taekwondo can be one of the best things that will happen to your child. They will learn self-control, discipline, respect, and above all lose the fear of getting beat up at school! We combine with this a love for God and protecting the weak and defenseless. Here is what we offer at sign up:
  1. Membership into US Chung Do Kwan, America's premier and largest Taekwondo organization.
  2. The official US Chung Do Kwan portfolio that chronicles your progress.
  3. The official US Chung Do Kwan textbook, "The Forces of Taekwondo."
  4. The official US Chung Do Kwan patch.
  5. The official US Chung Do Kwan uniform.
Kingdom Warriors offers MILITARY DISCOUNTS for all of our programs, including taekwondo, as a way to say THANK YOU.

We offer the most affordable Taekwondo rates in Northern Virginia for our students. Membership consists of two parts:
Part 1: Introductory Fee:  An introductory fee at sign up that provides you your uniform, your official portfolio, the official book that shows you all the moves and forms you will be learning, first months tuition and of course membership in the USCDKA.

 Initial fees per person are:
1 student-  $230
2 students- $270
3 students- $310
4 students- $359
Part 2: Monthly Tuition (beginning second month)

For 1 student     $90.00
For 2 students* $140.00
For 3 students* $160.00
For 4 students* $180.00 
*From each household

Part 3: Testing Fees Testing fees are $55 and is due at the time of the test.
For more information on taekwondo, contact Master Madden at (703)780-1152 or email him at