Path To TKD Black Belt

On your journey to becoming a taekwondo black belt you will be asked to do many things that you have never done before. (That’s a GOOD thing) That is how we grow, by being stretched. You will be asked to push your Body Physically, Stretch your Mind Mentally, Compose yourself Emotionally and Expand yourself Spiritually. Sounds like Fun, right?
Our basic requirements include kicks, punches, and blocks. We also have what some people call Katas or forms. The Korean word for it is Poomse. Poomse is a memorized pattern of movements to help in muscle coding for self-defense. You will be given a portfolio to keep and are expected to log all training, practice times and all certificates during your training. You will also be expected to memorize scripture from the Bible (we provide hand-outs) and for some belt levels, write an essay prior to an upcoming promotion.
Your given the opportunity to compete in local, State, Regional and National Tournaments. We have many other training opportunities available by traveling to conferences and seminars. We perform public demonstrations at local civic organizations, churches and schools throughout the D.C. metro area.
Here is the progression of belts in Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo. These are the minimum attendance requirements for promotion consideration. Progression to the next belt level is based on many factors including attendance, student portfolio, knowledge of basic fundamentals in the student's current level with an oral and practical exam.

BeltMeaningMinimum Time in Grade
WhiteThe Belt of Beginnings16 classes (2 months)
YellowThe Belt of Encouragement16 classes (2 months)
GoldThe Belt of Excitement16 classes (2 months)
OrangeThe Belt of Inspiration24 classes (3 months)
GreenThe Belt of Talent24 classes (3 months)
PurpleThe Belt of Motivation32 classes (4 months)
BlueThe Belt of Patience32 classes (4 months)
RedThe Belt of Energy32 classes (4 months)
BrownThe Belt of Skill48 classes (6 months)
Brown & BlackThe Belt of Competency48 classes (6 months)