After School Program

Welcome to the Kingdom Warriors After School Program, a place where your child will have the opportunity to grow in many areas as they develop personal and interpersonal social skills, respect, discipline and education in a fun, safe environment. Conveniently located on Route 1 just north of Fort Belvoir, our low weekly and monthly rates are some of the lowest in northern Virginia and D.C. Here is what we offer you:
  • Recreational and physical activities through the basics of taekwondo to develop physical skills and constructively channel children's energy pent up after a day sitting in a classroom.
  • Help with homework, tutoring, and other learning activities.
  • Time and space for study and homework.
  • We encourage participation in individual sports activities to help youth develop self-esteem by striving for a personal best, and participation in group sports to provide lessons about cooperation and conflict resolution. 
The Program Includes:
Snacks and beverages provided upon arrival to the school. The basics of taekwondo are taught as an option, but parents may wish to opt out of the martial arts portion if they wish.  The instruction is optional, but encouraged.

When you sign up for the After School Program you get the full ADDITIONAL Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo course added in FOR FREE! Click on the Taekwondo link on the upper left for our full blown Taekwondo program of instruction page. 

Bus Pick-Up:
With parental/guardian consent, a Kingdom Warrior's van or bus will pick up your child up from one of the following schools:
- Brentwood Academy
- Engleside Christian School
- Fort Belvoir Elementary
- Mount Vernon Woods Elementary
- Riverside Elementary
- Washington Mill Elementary
- Woodlawn Elementary
- Woodley Hills Elementary
- Hollin Meadows Elementary

Home Schoolers Welcome: Home schooled children are welcome to attend our program. Pick up may be provided if your child lives within the areas of the schools listed above.

Entrance Requirements:
Any child between 5 and 12 years of age is eligible to be enrolled in the Kingdom Warriors After School Program. The application for enrollment must be completed by the parents or guardian with all requested information. 

All personal belongings including clothing should be marked with the child's name.  As the children will be coming from school, everyday clothes are permissible.

Hours of Operation:  
Monday – Thursday afternoons from 2:30 till 6pm.  Other classes begin at 6:30, so please be prompt in picking up your child.  Please call if you are going to be late. 

Friday Parent's Night Out:
One Friday a month we offer Parent's Night Out from 6-9pm. Register in advance and your kids will have pizza, a movie and fun activities up until 9pm (late fees apply).

$99 per week. “No school” days and “half” school days are included at no extra charge. There are family rates available for tuition and registration fees.  There are also one, two, and three day rates available.  Please ask for details.  Tuition is due every Friday for the following week and is late on Tuesday.  All fees are payable by check, cash, or money order.  If you need to make bi-weekly or monthly payments, please see our staff to make arrangement. The After School Program is a different and separate program from the Kingdom Warriors Taekwondo program, BUT all students currently enrolled in the after school program automatically get the full Kingdom Warriors Taekwondo program. For more information on Taekwondo- click here.

Late Fees.
- Late pick-ups will accrue at a $10 per half hour rate.
- Late tuition payments will accrue a $10 late fee per week.  

Arrival and Departure Times
A staff member will personally receive all children each afternoon. You must come inside the center to sign out your child each afternoon. Children will not be allowed to leave with anyone except the parents or persons designated by the parents. Please send a note or tell the manager and the child if someone else is going to pick him/her up. The designated person must have proper ID or the child will not be allowed to leave with that adult.