About Us

Washington Community Church is pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to one of the most beneficial ways to improve your body, mind and spirit: martial arts! While we started as a taekwondo school, we have broadened our instructor base to provide other forms of martial arts, self defense classes and Zumba fitness.  Our taekwondo program is a chartered school under the US Chung Do Kwan Association. The US Chung Do Kwan Association is the largest and most prestigious American Taekwondo organization. The head of US Chung Do Kwan, Senior Grandmaster Ed Sell, was the highest ranking non-oriental black belt in the world and a licensed minister, who uses his Taekwondo to extend the Association and his ministry throughout the country.  His wife Senior Grandmaster Brenda Sell took over as the head of the association in 2013.

Grandmaster Ed Sell passed away in February, 2014 leaving the taekwondo world with thousands of students carrying on his vision of the US Chung Do Kwan Association.

Master Eric Madden of Kingdom Warrior's with
Senior Grandmaster Edward Sell and his wife, Grandmaster Brenda Sell in 2012.