Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

These intermediate & advanced students are hard at work. You always practice the basics- no matter what color belt you have. 

The Virginia State Tournament is April 5th!

We will be sending a group of students to the Virginia State Taekwondo Tournament on April 5th. It is being held in Chesterfield, VA and you can ask Master Madden for more information or call the school at 703-780-1152. 

The registration form is at this link:

Congratulate our Newest Belts!

Kingdom Warrior's most recent promotions took place on Saturday, February 22nd and Master Madden passed out new orange, gold and yellow belts to many students who put in the work and passed the test that day.  Congrats!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Schedule

With the current growth of Kingdom Warriors, and the new classes we're offering, we've had to adjust the schedule a bit. So, here is the LINK TO THE NEW SCHEDULE!!! You can also click on the "Weekly Schedule" link on the far left of the page or see the convenient graphic below.